Melanie A. Peterson
June 26, 1956-July 19, 2008

Melanie served the Lord and her family as a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, minister, and intercessor.  Every morning at 5:15 she would get up and read the Word of God, go through her devotional book, take notes on what God was speaking to her, pray for her family, parents of her students, and her students.

She was so gentle and kind to everyone she encountered.  When you saw Melanie, you saw Jesus! She loved being a teacher and touching the lives of her students and their families.

As Vice-President of Jere Peterson Ministries, Melanie spent hours interceding for the ministry.  Because of her prayers, JPM’s meetings were full of signs, wonders, and miracles.  She was a great teacher and preacher of God’s Word as well.  She held Women’s Conferences and Marriage Seminars that enriched the lives of many people.

For the past 25 years Melanie taught at Victory Christian School, Tulsa, OK.  She always had a “waiting list” of parents who wanted their children to have her as their child’s teacher.  Though she also taught previously in public schools, she loved teaching in a Christian School environment where she could openly teach the children about God and her Lord/Savior Jesus Christ.

I had the privilege of being married to Melanie for 29 and half years.  She was responsible for my salvation.  Her love for God, people, and our family was so pure.  She raised our four children in a fashion that honored Jesus!

Let Melanie’s life inspire you into a great relationship with Jesus Christ! Though we miss her, we are thankful! We will see her again!!

Jere Peterson



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