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A Word from God 01/24/2021
Spoken through Jere Peterson

“In the midst of the chaos & confusion, many hearts are gracious with gratitude toward me. Not only will they see an increase in the Presence of their God in their lives, but they will see miracles that they have been believing for.

Know this, that in times of upheaval is when I perform and do my best. For My Spirit is manifested
throughout the earth and in your nation. Today darkness is trying to creep in. But know this, light
always expels the darkness. Always!

Your nation and the world will light up with my Gospel and will march through the nations of the earth, including your nation. I am raising up people like you. New works, new places, to do new things.

Yes, the former days are good and the days ahead will be better days of harvest, better days of miracles, greater days of healing, deliverance, and restoration. My heart longs for salvation for the people of the earth. Know you have been put on earth, for such a time as this, to make an impact, to bring a change.

My Spirit that rules and rains in the hearts, also rules and rains throughout the earth, for the earth is
Mine and the fullness thereof. So, know, as you look ahead, look ahead with gratitude, look ahead with expectancy, knowing that your God is working on your behalf.

You will see the great things you desire, that you have need of in your life and the lives of your loved
ones. I am the Lord that heals, saves, brings miraculous miracles, notable miracles into the lives of people that have need of them.

Yes, I am the answer to the pandemic and the virus. No virus can stand in front of me, for I am the
Healer and I do heal. So, expect that today in your life. As you expect that, lift up your hands to praise
Me and thank Me, for I am the Word of God that delivers you as well, says the Spirit of Grace.”


A Word from God 01/03/2021
Spoken through Jere Peterson

The Word of the Lord today, “even though you can’t see it, progress is being made. Behind the scenes He is working. Hearts will change, minds will change and people will make decisions that will favor you in the days ahead.

So, don’t be burdened down by what you see. As He says in His Word, “His yoke is easy and His burden is light.” Cast all that care upon Him. He not only cares for you, He has the solution you need.

So, lift up your hands and praise Him right now. Thank Him for what you are believing for, it will
manifest and you will see it. And, you will see it soon. For He is a God of now, He is the God of today, as well as the God of tomorrow.

Some things you need right now. So, pass that care, that problem to Him. Let go of that burden. Pass all of that fear upon Him and be free of it!”


A Word for 2021

What Does God Want for 2021?

Are We Willing to Obey God this Year?

Can We Trust God this Year?

Where Does God Want to Take Us this Year?

What New Relationships and Opportunities Await Us in 2021?

How Will His Timing Affect Me/Us this Year?

God’s Word for Us for 2021:

“A Touch of Heaven”-this year’s theme.

What Does it Mean?

God Wants Heaven to Touch All We Do in 2021!

Heaven to be a part of every area of our lives: spiritually, church,

family, finances, relationships, employment, travel, emotionally,

health, etc.

Spiritually/Church-attending, giving (tither, offerings), and serving in our local church (God
wants us and needs us to touch other people’s lives). Prayer life in coordination with Heaven. A
year to read our Bible on a regular basis with God’s help (revelation). Touching (shows intimacy)
people with what God has done in our life! Concentrating on salvation, healing, restoration, and
deliverance of people He entrusts us with. A heart for the nations of the earth!

Mark 12:30, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all
your mind, and with all your strength.' This is the first commandment.”

Luke 10:27, “So he answered and said, "'you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with
all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbor as yourself.' "

Family-Heaven’s touch on your life, your children, grandchildren, and extended family’s lives.
Everyone moving closer to Jesus! Speak God’s Word over everyone, frame them with the Word!
God’s touch on your church family-prayer of intercession and supplication here.

Finances-God wants to grow your money/resources/investments. Believe to be debt-free. Budget
to show God you are being a good servant, but don’t limit yourself to your budget! Believe here
for the supernatural of God! Let God direct you here.
Prov. 22:7, “The poor are always ruled over by the rich, so don't borrow and put yourself under
their power.” (MSG), servant to the lender-NKJV.
Proverbs 11:24-25, “ The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy
gets smaller and smaller. 25 the one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help
others are helped.”
Luke 16:11, “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you
with true riches?”

Relationships-family, friends, new people, guests, employers, employees, future spouses,
children, grandchildren, church and God (should be 1st). Heaven wants to touch. Has this person
been sent by God or by the devil? God’s people will draw you closer to Him! Let Spirit of God
direct you! Romans 8:14, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”
Emotionally/Health-allow Heaven to touch you! Emotions-cause more problems than anything
else in the world. Selfishness deal with. They also cause you the greatest “highs” for you to feel.
God gave you feelings to enable you to be like Him! Just don’t be led by them. Physical
Health-stay on top of, listen to your body, Jesus is your healer! Use all available resources to
stay healthy, this way you can fulfill the will of God! Only take those procedures, those
treatments, and those medicines that are in line with His direction for your life! These are
blessed by Him if He is saying to take them! His anointing is on them and you as you obey

Travel-allow Heaven determine where you go and when. Safe when God sends
you! Weigh all the information, ask the Spirit of God for His direction, insights,
and to reveal anything that is hidden that you need to see! He sees what you
cannot see, and He knows what you do not know! His protection goes with His
instructions. Seek Him and follow Him! He will never disappoint you!

Heaven will touch every area of our lives in 2021 if we allow Him to? It’s our
choice! Make the right choices and watch 2021 be a great year for you and our
future church!
Priorities 2021-God, family, jobs, ministry! Keep in this order-blessed!


A Word from God 12/13/2020
Spoken through Jere Peterson

“Know this, that during this time where my Son is being lifted up, I am working through-out the world. Nations are about to crumble and come to Me and fall away from the pagans they have worshipped before. Even those in your country, who have said no to Me, I am going to manifest Myself supernaturally to them during this time, during this season, when their eyes and ears are focused on other things, I will have them focusing on Me.

And, I will bring the 1’s, the 2’s, the 10’s and the 50’s, and the 100’s. I will bring the 1,000’s to Me in this day and time, for I am the Lord of the Earth. And though there has been attention given to someone else, I will come back and bring My people to Me in the days ahead.

Before that happens, there must be a harvest of souls, of boys & girls, men & women, who have not yet turned their hearts to Me. So, I’m the King that turns hearts towards Myself. When those hearts turn, no one can resist My love. For My love permeates all oppression, all darkness.

So, during this time, allow Me to use you. Listen to their words, walk towards them, give them the good news of what your God has done for you. And, as you do that, I will anoint you and your words. I will fill your mouth with words and out of them will come decisions for Me, in this day and time.

So, know, that no matter what you see on the news, I’m beyond and bigger than the news. Whatever is not being seen, is what I am doing behind the scenes. There will be a great thrust in the days ahead, when my Spirit drops over the nation and over the world.

We will see the supernatural. Miracles will be commonplace once again. Not only in the church, but
outside the walls of the church.

So, harken unto Me this day, and let the One that gives you grace and mercy each morning, celebrate the mercy you give to one another, and on those that you come in contact with in the days ahead. My heart yearns for the harvest of souls in the earth. And, yes, we will see it, starting this season, says the Spirit of Grace.”


A Word from God 03/25/2020 at 1:00 PM
Staten Island, NY
Spoken through Jere Peterson

I just heard this from the Holy Ghost, "As you look over a cliff, that is 100-200' tall, notice you can see what lies at the bottom very easily. This is a view of only one scene that you can see at one time.

When I look down from Heaven, into the earth, I can see the entire earth at one time. I see what is currently happening in the earth.

The enemy believes he is disrupting and taking over the earth that I created. He is wrong!

The enemy is playing right into My hands. I am energizing My Body to stand in the midst of darkness, and repeal it back with My Word and My Spirit!

As you do that collectively, I will spread My presence and unleash My power against darkness. Know that I am God and I am responding to the declarations of My Body.

So, declare to Me what you need, desire, and want to see happen in the earth. I will respond to your words and actions of faith.

While others experience shortages, you will walk in abundance. While others get sick, you will be well. While others complain, you will thrive.

For My Body is coming into a "season" where My power will be present to heal, restore, deliver, and save the people of the earth in a greater way.

So, look unto Me in this "season" and I will answer in a way that the world we see "who" your God is. When they see My goodness, many will come to Me and find the help they need.

For I am not only faithful, but I am also "helpful." I love helping people.
So, rejoice, HELP IS ON THE WAY, says the Spirit of God.


A Word from God 1/12/20
Staten Island, NY
Spoken through Jere Peterson

Seeds turn into a harvest. So, if you truly have a certain type of harvest you want, you must plant seed that matches that harvest. You’ve seen in my Word that things multiply after their own kind. Seeds multiply after their own kind. The only way that is ever altered, is if I do something supernatural with a different type of seed. Even that seed produces after its own kind.

And, I’ll take out of one seed to make another seed. I took out of Adam and made use of that rib, as a seed to form a woman. So, I took a seed, a part of it and created a new seed with that in it. So, I do that as well at times. So, know this, I will show you what to plant. I will guide your planting. And, plant in the place I tell you. That’s fertile ground and it will grow there.

Then, water it with your words. The very thing you have been seeking me for is inside your mouth, with your words. Release it for the great things you have need of. Don’t allow fear in. Don’t allow the
repetition, the same thing, over and over again. When you keep doing the same thing over & over again, expecting different results, it’s not going to work. You will keep getting the same results.

So, venture out, into the creative power of your God and do things that you haven’t done before. Speak things you haven’t spoken and see a harvest you have never had. You know the end results that you want. So, starting speaking to that end. Start planting those seeds and you’ll see it come to pass.

Once you plant the seeds, don’t go back and dig it back up with your words. Don’t say it’s not going to happen. When you do, you just dug up the word that you planted and now it can’t grow. But, if you take that word you planted and it’s a word from Me, and you stand on that word, and speak over that word, the Word of God, then you will see that harvest come forth. You’ll see people change. Come and enjoy the peace, joy, and happiness. The fruit of the Spirit will be loosed. All because you planted the right seed and got the right harvest.

So, know this, seed has life in it. You have life in you. You are here on the earth. So, use your life to be a seed producer in the lives of other people. And, as you do that, you will see the benefit of it. Don’t ever say again, they won’t come, they won’t do, it’s not in our life, it’s not in our budget. Don’t do that. That puts limitations around you. It ruins your seed.

I want you to have seed planted that has no limitations, so the harvest can be great. The greater the
harvest, the greater the workers’ need to bring it in. No reason to live in lack. No reason to live in
torment when there is abundance available to you.

So, as you look, look into the fields, they are ready for harvest. Most the combines in those wheat fields are many. Not one, but one after another, after another. Sometimes in those fields, there are 20 – 30 combines. That is what happens when you plant seed each and every day. There will be such an abundance.

It will take so, so many different types of harvests to bring it all in. But, then that’s where the abundance comes in. That’s where the overflow comes in. So, look at unto Me. Most of you look at me as the author of your faith, but not as the finisher of it. The finisher is what creates the harvest. If you haven’t yet received the harvest, then you haven’t finished yet. Between the time you started and until it appears, that’s where your faith is used, the timing between those two.

So, stay strong in your faith, declare what you need, what you desire, plant those seeds and continue to declare what you have. And, it will not be long before you do. For faith takes ownership of it NOW, not tomorrow. If you are speaking tomorrow, you are not in faith.

As you speak faith and believe in faith, for those things that you planted seed in, you will come to a
place of rest. You can rest in your faith. If you are not resting in it, and see other things causing turmoil, anxiousness, anxiety, you are not in faith. Because, faith will rest. Faith knows what it already has, what it has been declaring.

So, go out and make that adjustment and rest, knowing that your God has seen, has heard and is
working on your behalf. You shall have what you believe, you shall have what you declare, you shall
have the very thing you desire, because you are looking unto Me, not only as the author but the finisher of your faith. And, what I finish, is always full of life. It’s always full of abundance. So, see me today as your finisher and finish strong with Me says the Spirit of Grace.


November 3, 2019
Staten Island, NY
Words: Fence with Field, Time, Waterfall, Looking over, Obstacle, Corporate Anointing
Spoken through Jere Peterson

I am showing you a field and in this field there are boundaries that are called fences. Many people keep themselves inside their fence, they don’t venture outside their field. For their fear is hurt.

But, know this, MY time is more important than yours. I am time. But, I give you time, because I don’t
need time, says the Spirit of God. Time is for people, not for Me. In My realm there is no time, only
eternity. But, in your realm, you need time in order to order your day. So, when I give you time though
I don’t need it, but you need it.

As you look forward to the days ahead, know that there will be obstacles in the days ahead. You will
sense there are things you will be rushing towards just like a mighty waterfall. You can hear the sounds of the waterfall. You know it is coming, you can see the start of it and know when that day comes and all the obstacles that you will face, I will climb ahead and prepare a way over the waterfall. Not only a fall, but a way to go over it. Use it to manipulate a momentum that you haven’t had before.

As you get to go down stream My Spirit will carry you into the Spirit of My realm. You will find favor, you will pass obstacles and know nothing really happened to you. Nothing really bad happened.

But good will happen. Why, because I am your God. I am your rescuer. I will rescue you from obstacles, just as I rescued you from that waterfall. So, praise me this day. I am your God. I see ahead. Good things lie ahead, says the spirit of God.


December 16, 2018
Staten Island, NY
Spoken through Jere Peterson

People come to see the Christmas tree in NY City, but in the days ahead, they will come because of the miracles that I will do. Those note able miracles will be unrefuted. Some will try to wish them away and say they didn’t happen. But, they will be great.

Blind eyes will open, the lame will walk, people in wheel chairs will come out, people on their death
beds will be raised up. Creative miracles will happen as well. Because of this, they will come. They will come to those places where My power and My Spirit are welcomed.

As they see those things happening, they will bring others that they know that have needs and they will see those healings take place, they will see those manifestations come forth with life. Death will leave and life will come forth.

So, know that in the days ahead, My Spirit, the workings of My miracles, of my signs, of my wonders will be the drawing card that will bring many, many, many souls into My Kingdom, in this city, in the days ahead.

So don’t count it a small thing, greatness is started with small things, says the Lord. Knowing out of
small things, come great things. So, in the days ahead, look forward and to the God that is the Healer, that is the Deliverer, that is the Restorer, and that is the Savior as you go forth into the City. Be calm by my Spirit and by My Word.

You will see miracles even on the streets with the people you encounter. While I will be in churches, that will happen, but also out on the streets where people are at that, that won’t come to churches, they will be healed there on the street corner. They will stand and give Me the Glory.

Traffic jams will ensue because entire blocks and corners will be praising me for the miracles that have been done in the streets. So, know this day is coming. Be alert to it. Be anxious for it, but not to the point that you miss my move. Be anxious in a good way. Looking forward to it.

And, as you do, then I will show you your part. The part you are to play, as others come to the city as
well. And I will be glorified. I will be lifted up and then I will be praised as I draw men & women, boys & girls, to Me in NY City, into My Kingdom once and for all, says the Spirit of Grace.


November 18, 2018
Staten Island, NY
Spoken through Jere Peterson

My Word will take you places and take you places where my provision is. Where I lead you I will provide for you. So know this, that as you seek me, revelation will come into your heart. Revealed knowledge to you, will give you direction.  It will lay out a roadmap for you to follow. So, as you continue to seek me, listen as much as you speak.

Listen for me to answer. For I am the God that directs. I am moving you and transitioning you, many of you today  in different areas of your lives. And, know this, because of that, many other lives will be blessed, especially as you obey me. 

So, know that I have talked to your heart, spoken to you, and more specific directions will come in the days ahead . So, continue to seek me and you are going to find, continue to knock and it will be opened.  My timing is perfect.  So, don’t get anxious. Be alert.  Listen, obey what you hear. 

You will find yourself being transitioned to that place I have called you to. And, you will be a gift in that place. You are anointed for that place. And all the Word you have inside of you will work, and other people will come to your feet and listen.

So, know that I am moving mightily across your heart, across your mind into your spirit.  Follow me in what you hear, obey. Because in obedience will come sacrifice. With sacrifice will come miracles, signs and wonders. So, know that I am the Lord that is leading you and I am the one working for you, and I am the one that has brought you this far. And, I will take you the rest of the way, says the Spirit of God.


September 21, 2018
Staten Island, NY
Spoken through Jere Peterson

There is a move of God coming to Staten Island, NYC and across the nation. And, know that things have been birthed because of the prayer of the saints and because of intercession. Now I want people to move into stronger intercession, because there are strongholds that still must come down.

As I shed light on darkness across the nation, know this, that change is going to come and change will come again. But, don’t fear change. Out of change will come freedom; freedom to worship, freedom to share your faith, freedom to reach the people that I have destined to reach.

So know this, don’t be afraid of these times, for I Almighty God see it all. I have a plan that will not be altered by man. For in this place and on this island, there is a place that will become known as a strong haven for Almighty God. For my kingdom will come here, my kingdom will be built here, it will grow here, and be stronger and stronger in the days ahead.

Yes, people will flood here and new works will spring up. There will be a unity of faith and there will be miracles, signs and wonders like never before. Also, in the days ahead, there will be no evil here! So know this, the days of the supernatural is on the increase here.

Oh yes, as I have moved in times past, there will be a new, fresh anointing, A fresh new move of Me. So, don’t hinder that with unbelief, but believe. Believe and confess. Take over, rule and reign as priests, as I’ve called you to be and know this, as you do that, you are going to see darkness dispelled and light will come.

You are going to see people give their hearts to me. People who were destined to be destroyed, will find life, eternal life. So know this, your work is not in vain. Don’t ever think it is. New seasons comes upon all, and the season you walk in now, I direct. I will be the one who will get the glory and the honor, with you and through you, in the days ahead, says the Spirit of God.


September 09, 2018
Staten Island, NY
Spoken through Jere Peterson

“Pray for yourself and family. And know, when those prayers are heard and when you pray with my Word, they are answered.  So, remember to pray according to what my Word says. Let my Spirit guide and direct you from places that you are at, to a higher place.  And, know that I am the God, your God, the God Almighty of earth and in heaven.   

And, everything is coming together in my plan & purposes.  And, there is a move coming says the Lord across this nation, to this region as well. So be faithful in what you do.  Live according to my Word, as you see in my Word and as you do, then your life will be enriched. 

I told you in my Word, that if you live according to my Word, I will make a way for you. And, I will. So  heed my Word and when you come together, praise, worship, and lift your hands to me.  You will see the great God move on your behalf. 

This is my desire, to see you are fruitful and to be replenished with my goodness and my presence. Know this that I will have my way. No other God stands before me.  They all bow to me. I am the Almighty God! Man will not supersede what I have for the earth and for this nation.

For greatness comes from those who obey and those who are willing. Know this, that you will eat the good of the land.  Your needs will be met, your desires will be met as you come to me. So, come to me this day, open your hearts and your minds and remember that I am your Healer, I am your Restorer, I am your Deliverer, I am your Savior.

Everything starts and stops with me. I am Alpha, I am the Omega, I am the Beginning and I am the End. So, let my Spirit lead you and come unto me and know that good things lie ahead for you and your family. Know this, I am working on their behalf already, even those away from you, and even those at times that don’t seem to be close to you, I am bringing them back to you.  I am rekindling relationships within families.  

This will be done in these last days says the Lord, not just in your family, but across the nation.  Because, I want to see families restored and see them healthy.  When families are healthy, restored, and are serving me, nothing can stop a mighty family of God. 

So, know this, the Body of Christ is being raised in this hour and in this time. It is here on the East Coast and across the land.  You will see the goodness of God being spilled out across the nation and my people.  And people will be amazed at the miracles in the days ahead and say, O my, my, my, there is a God.  And, I will be glorified and I will be worshipped. I will be the ONE that will be lifted up in the days ahead because of the miracles. Be a part of it in this day and this time, says the Spirit of Grace.”


September 24, 2017
Staten Island Meeting
Jere Peterson

I said in my Word not to be dismayed, not to be moved, when you see evil moving across your path, your life,across your city, across your state, across your nation. Know this, my plans are unfolding throughout the earth including your nation, including your cities, including your families.

Know this, don’t give up on the things I have put in your heart. Don’t give up on the things I have already spoken toyou. Don’t give up on those things I have already shown you. What I show and what I tell, will surely come to pass says the Lord, as I’ve spoken and as I’ve shown.

Things I’ve spoken years ago to you, know this is the season for those things to come to pass. There is a time for the lives to turn, that haven’t turned yet. Time for family members to come into the knowledge that you have. So, do not, do not, think that all is lost. Know, that my Word is working on their behalf behind the scene, places you can’t see in their heart. The Word is working, My Spirit is working. They are about to say yes to Me. So don’t give up on, the things that I have shown you, the dreams that I have given you, don’t give up on the thoughts I have put inside of you for your future.

For the days ahead are full of brightness, not darkness. But, the days ahead are full of goodness, not evil. For thedays ahead are full of seeing the abundance of your God, which the world does not have. Yes, the world may be worse, but you won’t be. But you are not of the world, but you are in it. So I will bring the things you have need of, the favor will come, the money will come, the places will come.

But, know, I am directing your steps. Just continue to follow me, let me lead you, guide you and direct you. And as you do, you will know that your God has gone before you. Has planned your way, as you walk that way, you will see His hand, My hand of provision. And, know this, don’t give up. Don’t stop. Keep going forward. Keep coming forward with me. Because I’ve gone ahead.

As you see me, follow me. As you sense the direction know that I am leading every path that you are to take in every part of your life. I want every part of your life, I want every part of your life to be increasing, I want every part of your life to be peaceful, know the end will come to pass as you learn to lean on me, trust me, follow your heart, follow your soul, follow your being I am God, I am God, and I am the only God, there is none beside me.

So, I know that all those that have come before me, gone before me, I still stand, I’m still here, I’m still alive for every more. You can trust and obey Me. And, when you do, you will see the goodness of your God, on your behalf. So, know that your best days are ahead, not behind and follow me says the Spirit of Grace. And, as you do, you will see the goodness in your life. Others will see it and will be drawn to it and you will need to share about your God to them and then draw them to Me. And, in all that, I will be very well pleased says the Lord.

So, don’t give up, press in, this is your time, this is your time, this is your season. Though seasons do change, know that the season you are in is coming quickly in line. Continue to plant your seed, watch as I move on your behalf, as you find favor, and as you find fulfillment in the things I have called you to, says the Spirit of God.



Foundations of Ministry
November 12, 2008

I have blessed this last day with a raining down from My Spirit
to bring a mandate of change to My body,
yet, some chose to walk in bondage
because they have the spirit of the world.
My Spirit comes from above.
Yes, from above the stars.
You are about to see fire fall from the heavens
into the mountains of the earth.
Those mountains represent places man has built up
that he does not want me to be a part of.
And just as still as the blue waters are,
I, once again, will bring a peace and stillness to your spirit.
Though you see things outwardly that seem to be evil and pressing in,
know that I will rise again and dispel all evil.
My Word will be final in the days ahead.
I’ve given you a window of opportunity.
The wind of My Spirit will carry you where you are supposed to go and just as every individual rain has drops
so shall My Spirit drop into you.
Even in the winter months –
the time when things seem to be dying,
I will bring life to you.
There is openness in My Spirit right now.
The battle is ragging.
Others – including My enemy
have even built great institutions to take Me on in the days ahead.
But just as I have suited out the military,
I will suit you out in My Spirit,
and in that suit you will go and walk upon the grass and turn it green,
and never again will you walk without My Spirit being upon you. And just like some chose to get into the river in a boat
because a boat provides safety,
some are willing to get into My Spirit with no boat.
Several want to be completely dowsed with My Spirit –
completely rely on My Spirit;
and those that don’t, will fall over a waterfall in the days ahead.
Those that do, will go over the same waterfall
and fly above it and not go down with it.
Your choice today is either follow My Spirit or follow your own spirit.
Which one are you going to do this day?
If you follow Me in the days ahead you are going to see great things.
You will be safe and protected
and know I, the Lord,
will guide and direct everything that you do.


Jere Peterson –
January 5, 2008 Evening Meeting,
Liberty Fellowship,
Hays, KS,
Pastor Steve Dinkel 785-625-6245.

2008 will be a year of correction
God is cleansing His Body from the top down – correcting leaders and leadership first.  More leaders will fall but if they will hear and repent, they don’t have to fall. 

Ministries don’t fall out of failure; they fall out of success.

2008 will be great but correction is coming.  With correction comes transition. 

  • Christians should stand out; be excellent in the community.
  • For example, prosperity is a Bible message, but it can be abused.  Seedtime and harvest is a message for Christians that still works.

Prophetic Word for this Year
Isaiah 52:6-8
The Church will draw nearer to Jesus and know Him. 
Watch Jerusalem. 
Things both good and bad will happen this year.
We will need to be people of the Spirit.  The Spirit and the Word of God agree.
Pastors are called to be watchmen over their city; Elders over the church body.  Will require accountability and integrity.
Vs. 8 – We will have a voice into the city that they will recognize as the voice of God.  The voice of this church will be amplified – favor, being at the right place at the right time.

Specific Prophetic Word for this Church this year
Isaiah 54:2-4
Enlarge place of tent, strengthen the stakes, fear not.

  • We will be blessed more this year.        
  • Give more – Seed planted will harvest a return in less than 30 days.  Joel 2

Stretch Out – for growth

  • Start charting, attendance, visitors etc.
  • Management requires keeping records.  Managers deal with the bottom line and ask why.
  • Stretch this facility or a new facility.  This is not our final location.  Make movement toward something.
  • Most church buildings are not built because of number of adults (multiple services) but due to space required for children & youth.
  • Prepare now. 

Vs. 3 – Break forth on the right and the left.  Break through miracles come because of faithfulness.  We’re on the verge of expansion.

Vs. 4 – Fear not – not ashamed, not confused.  We’ll get clear direction from the Lord.  The struggle will be forgotten because of what lies ahead.

Vs. 7 – Gather us  - Create gatherings. 

Vs. 11-13 – Growth to be pleasant – not terrifying.

  • Favor of God like the shepherd’s oil (Full of Holy Spirit)
  • Walking in our authority and the anointing takes care of pests. (devil)

Vs. 17 – No Weapon will prosper

  • Weapons will form but will not prosper
  • Tongues rising against us will be met by prayer to nullify their effect.

I Cor. 2:1-2

  • Those churches who are open to the voice of the Spirit will become places of refuge to those in need
  • Weather in excess will continue – the earth is not redeemed but convulsing.
    1. Tell the church to prepare for the safety of others.
    2. Invade the gathering places in the community.
    3. God Himself will make His Name know around this town.
    4. Intensity of things of His Spirit will increase – anointing.
    5. This is a year of harvest for souls and finances.  The condition is obedience.

Vs. 3 – Minister to those in:

      • Weakness
      • Fear
      • Trembling

Tragedy opens the people’s hearts to God.

Vs. 5 – Power of Good will be evident

Vs. 9-10 – Strong prophetic message to this church
We will experience God surprises – just because He loves us and wants to bless us.  Favor for property and so on-Warning to watch our words to see that they line up.

Northwest Kansas Mantle
Two other cities in Northwest Kansas were called to be the strong tower for this area.  Both defaulted.  That mantle has been passed to Hays.  We must be willing to accept it.  If we do will be known as:

  • City of Miracles
  • A place where angels appear

Anointing and gifting will come, churches will grow.  We’re here for such a time as this.

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