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This section of our website is dedicated to the Prophetic Word of God that comes forth from Jere Peterson.  We will continue to update this section as God speaks.  JPM will document these specific words with dates, name of church or meeting place, pastor’s name and phone number (in case you want to order the entire message from the local church or meeting place).

Please feel free to send us an email at with your comments in regards to this section of our website. 



Foundations of Ministry
November 12, 2008

I have blessed this last day with a raining down from My Spirit
to bring a mandate of change to My body,
yet, some chose to walk in bondage
because they have the spirit of the world.
My Spirit comes from above.
Yes, from above the stars.
You are about to see fire fall from the heavens
into the mountains of the earth.
Those mountains represent places man has built up
that he does not want me to be a part of.
And just as still as the blue waters are,
I, once again, will bring a peace and stillness to your spirit.
Though you see things outwardly that seem to be evil and pressing in,
know that I will rise again and dispel all evil.
My Word will be final in the days ahead.
I’ve given you a window of opportunity.
The wind of My Spirit will carry you where you are supposed to go and just as every individual rain has drops
so shall My Spirit drop into you.
Even in the winter months –
the time when things seem to be dying,
I will bring life to you.
There is openness in My Spirit right now.
The battle is ragging.
Others – including My enemy
have even built great institutions to take Me on in the days ahead.
But just as I have suited out the military,
I will suit you out in My Spirit,
and in that suit you will go and walk upon the grass and turn it green,
and never again will you walk without My Spirit being upon you. And just like some chose to get into the river in a boat
because a boat provides safety,
some are willing to get into My Spirit with no boat.
Several want to be completely dowsed with My Spirit –
completely rely on My Spirit;
and those that don’t, will fall over a waterfall in the days ahead.
Those that do, will go over the same waterfall
and fly above it and not go down with it.
Your choice today is either follow My Spirit or follow your own spirit.
Which one are you going to do this day?
If you follow Me in the days ahead you are going to see great things.
You will be safe and protected
and know I, the Lord,
will guide and direct everything that you do.


Jere Peterson –
January 5, 2008 Evening Meeting,
Liberty Fellowship,
Hays, KS,
Pastor Steve Dinkel 785-625-6245.

2008 will be a year of correction
God is cleansing His Body from the top down – correcting leaders and leadership first.  More leaders will fall but if they will hear and repent, they don’t have to fall. 

Ministries don’t fall out of failure; they fall out of success.

2008 will be great but correction is coming.  With correction comes transition. 

  • Christians should stand out; be excellent in the community.
  • For example, prosperity is a Bible message, but it can be abused.  Seedtime and harvest is a message for Christians that still works.

Prophetic Word for this Year
Isaiah 52:6-8
The Church will draw nearer to Jesus and know Him. 
Watch Jerusalem. 
Things both good and bad will happen this year.
We will need to be people of the Spirit.  The Spirit and the Word of God agree.
Pastors are called to be watchmen over their city; Elders over the church body.  Will require accountability and integrity.
Vs. 8 – We will have a voice into the city that they will recognize as the voice of God.  The voice of this church will be amplified – favor, being at the right place at the right time.

Specific Prophetic Word for this Church this year
Isaiah 54:2-4
Enlarge place of tent, strengthen the stakes, fear not.

  • We will be blessed more this year.        
  • Give more – Seed planted will harvest a return in less than 30 days.  Joel 2

Stretch Out – for growth

  • Start charting, attendance, visitors etc.
  • Management requires keeping records.  Managers deal with the bottom line and ask why.
  • Stretch this facility or a new facility.  This is not our final location.  Make movement toward something.
  • Most church buildings are not built because of number of adults (multiple services) but due to space required for children & youth.
  • Prepare now. 

Vs. 3 – Break forth on the right and the left.  Break through miracles come because of faithfulness.  We’re on the verge of expansion.

Vs. 4 – Fear not – not ashamed, not confused.  We’ll get clear direction from the Lord.  The struggle will be forgotten because of what lies ahead.

Vs. 7 – Gather us  - Create gatherings. 

Vs. 11-13 – Growth to be pleasant – not terrifying.

  • Favor of God like the shepherd’s oil (Full of Holy Spirit)
  • Walking in our authority and the anointing takes care of pests. (devil)

Vs. 17 – No Weapon will prosper

  • Weapons will form but will not prosper
  • Tongues rising against us will be met by prayer to nullify their effect.

I Cor. 2:1-2

  • Those churches who are open to the voice of the Spirit will become places of refuge to those in need
  • Weather in excess will continue – the earth is not redeemed but convulsing.
    1. Tell the church to prepare for the safety of others.
    2. Invade the gathering places in the community.
    3. God Himself will make His Name know around this town.
    4. Intensity of things of His Spirit will increase – anointing.
    5. This is a year of harvest for souls and finances.  The condition is obedience.

Vs. 3 – Minister to those in:

      • Weakness
      • Fear
      • Trembling

Tragedy opens the people’s hearts to God.

Vs. 5 – Power of Good will be evident

Vs. 9-10 – Strong prophetic message to this church
We will experience God surprises – just because He loves us and wants to bless us.  Favor for property and so on-Warning to watch our words to see that they line up.

Northwest Kansas Mantle
Two other cities in Northwest Kansas were called to be the strong tower for this area.  Both defaulted.  That mantle has been passed to Hays.  We must be willing to accept it.  If we do will be known as:

  • City of Miracles
  • A place where angels appear

Anointing and gifting will come, churches will grow.  We’re here for such a time as this.



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